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Free Software online.

Free software is software whose use, study, modification, duplication and distribution are permitted (including technically and legally).

The operators of the first mass-produced computers were in the habit of forming groups of users to share their experiences: COMMON SHARE and IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation DECUS, etc.
Indeed, while there was no resource for training, outside training provided by manufacturers. These groups were supported by the manufacturers themselves and software modifications were exchanged. At that time it was the hardware that was supposed to be the source of income, the software is only a means to facilitate the sale.
The source code was normal, because no one would buy a computer without a team of programmers.


Legal basis

Free software is subjected, like all software published to copyright. The special free software is that the author has the right to distribute the software with a free license that lists the privileges granted to the user. He thereby forfeits the most exclusive rights conferred the right of the author.